About Me:

Dr. Saqib accomplished his PhD in Forensic Genetics (2009) from Cerrapasa Medical Faculty, Institute of Forensic Sciences, Istanbul University, Turkey, M.Phil Molecular Biology (2002) from Center of Excellence in Molecular Biology (CEMB), University of the Punjab, Lahore and BS (Hons.) Genetics (2000) from University of Agriculture, Faisalabad. He has a vast experience of working as an Academician at University of the Punjab, The University of Lahore and University of Central Punjab, Lahore. He is fully equipped with Cellular and molecular Biology Techniques. He has almost 15 Year of Research and Teaching Experience. He has won prestigious scholarships like Cultural Exchange, DAAD and Turkish Council for Scientific and Technological Research (TUBITAK) and Istanbul Metropolitan City Scholarships. He is member of International Society of Forensic Genetics, World Academy of Sciences, Balkan Academy of Forensic Sciences, Fellow Zoological Society of Pakistan, Alkhawarzimi Science Foundation and National Academy of Young Scientists. He has published 57 articles and having IF more than 100. He has completed Projects funded by Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan Medical and Research Center (PMRC) and Pakistan Science Foundation. His current project from PSF entitled” Optimization, Validation and Multiplexing of 11CHRX MiniSTRs in Pakistani Population” is in progress. He has attended many National and International Conferences. He is reviewer of many Scientific Journals of repute and member of National Curriculum Revision Committee of HEC in Criminology and Genetics. His research interests include Forensic Genetics, Molecular Genetics, Population Diversity, Medical Biology and Toxicology.


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